Toner 20ml x 1 pc
This elasticity toner penetrates into the skin deeply like a gel essence and activates the skin elastic band
Emulsion 20ml x 1 pc
This elasticity emulsion consists of skin-friendly ingredients which adhere to the skin and deliver an abundance of nutrition to the skin
Concentrated Cream 10ml x 1 pc
The naturally fermented ingredients of this elasticity cream penetrate deeply into the skin and keep the skin tight and strengthened
Essence Advanced Sync Program 12ml x 1 pc
Representing Su:m37, Secret Essence is a fruit of natural fermentation technology.
Natural fermentation technology that has been further upgraded based on rhythmic fermentation with natural flow of light and sound makes it possible for Cytosis®.
Experience the secret of beautiful skin from the inside with newly updated Secret Essence.
Serum 8ml x 1 pc
Pack Size – 5 pcs

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