[ LADOR ] Pure Henna Shampoo 200ml


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How to use
Wet your hair with lukewarm water, take an adequate amount, rub it with hands to create bubbles, and wash it. If needed, repeat the procedure.


A cooling spa shampoo containing henna ingredient
It gives a refreshing feeling to scalp with menthol content so that you can feel coolness after washing your hair, and it also adjusts the balance of scalp sebum secretion.

Containing henna and collagen ingredient, it gives conditioning and sheen to skin and makes bright hair. It soothes and protects sensitive scalp, and maintains hair moisture through moisturization.
It enables healthy hair care as a sub-acid shampoo that does not contain silicon, and solves trouble, dandruffs, dead skin cells, and itching due to sebum secretion by containing piroctone olamine.

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