COMMONLABS Vitamin E Micro Needle Spot Cream is just what one needs to tackle complex troubled areas! With the micro needles in this focused spot cream, the passage of the skin is opened for 54% Tea Tree Leaf Extract to penetrate the skin layers to promote quick recovery from skin trouble and damage.

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For a spot cream to be effective in improving problematic skin, the concentration of active ingredients must be sufficient to help with recovery, and it must also be easily absorbed into the skin!

COMMONLABS studied two causes in delivering best results to troubled skin:

  • Maximum Ingredient
  • Optimum Absorption

COMMONLABS solution for skin troubles: micro needles present in the Vitamin E Micro Needle Spot Cream permeates the corneum (skin layer) to deliver active ingredients for skin healing.

High Tea Tree Leaf Extract content (54%) out of all ingredients in this COMMONLABS Vitamin E Micro Needle Spot cream is also effective in treating acne and sebum. Even in the olden days, this mighty ingredient has been used by the natives to treat and improve skin troubles.\

The passage of skin is opened with 5% micro needles. It is able to deliver 54% Tea Tree Leaf Extract deeply into the skin’s layers.


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