COMMONLABS Vitamin C Brightening Gel Cream is formulated with Pure Vitamin C + Mandarin Orange Peel Extract to deliver intense treatment of texture for brighter, vitalized skin.

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Restore the skin’s texture and enhance skin luminosity with Pure Vitamin C (1,100ppm) and 30% Sea Buckthorn Water (300,000ppm). Pure Vitamin C helps inhibit melanin formation, promotes collagen formation, protects the skin from UV damage and improves skin texture. Sea Buckthorn Water is able to vitalise, moisturise, and condition the skin, soothes and calms it, to improve skin tone. Mandarin Orange Peel Extract, an award-winning ingredient, is recognised for its great properties to form soft and clear skin surface. It is also certified to possess excellent moisturising properties through clinical trials. The Mandarin Orange Peel Extract is able to level uneven dead skin cells and help improve the clarity of skin. As shown in the illustration, Mandarin Orange Peel Extract is able to effectively arrange Desmoplakin (a type of protein in our skin cells) properly with keratin so that the cytoskeleton (skeleton of a cell) is strengthened, which generates elasticity of the cell. This prevents light scattering which can make the skin appear dull.

According to a clinical trial, a female participant in her 30s who had 1% of Mandarin Peel Extract applied on her skin saw results in just 4 weeks. It was observed that the cheek area had improved transparency and reduced darkening, skin surface had also reduced inconsistency after being applied with the Mandarin Orange Peel ingredient.


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